WordPress – What are the Benefits?

WordPress? Odds are good that you have heard about WordPress before. That’s because WordPress is currently used by over 34% of all websites built today! With numbers like that, there is sure to be a reason! Let’s go over WordPress in a little more detail while highlighting some of the reasons why we all websites Designed by Ace utilize this platform.

History of WordPress

WordPress was born in 2003 (originally named b2 cafelog in 2001) as a personal publishing system built on PHP & MySQL. The official 1.0 release of WordPress launched in 2004. Since then, WordPress has made major changes thus improving its overall market presence. Let’s talk about some of those improvements, shall we?

Benefits of Using WordPress

1. Ease of Use – WordPress has listened to their customers for years! The results are astonishing. Since many WordPress users have little to no website experience, WordPress puts a focus on usability. After all, the vast majority of users do have a limited understand of HTML, Java, PHP, MySQL, CSS, etc.

With WordPress, the goal was to make blogging simple without all that coding!

If you have ever used Microsoft word, the WordPress text editor may seem very similar. Simply type up your blog post first & customize it as you see fit. By highlighting the text you wish to customize, you can alter the size, alignment, color, link, & so much more! This blog post itself was also built only using the visual editor (no coding at all!).

2. Constant Updates – WordPress is still crafting many of their components & continue to update us with new features as well as security updates. Updates are important in order to remain innovative in your market space while still blocking vulnerabilities from those annoying hackers.

3. Unbelievable amount of add-ons – Currently there are over 55,000 add-ons available! Add-ons are like cellphone apps that allow for things such as social media integration, new widgets, custom functions, tools, stats, pretty much anything you can think of! With that many apps, it’s more than likely that most of your ideas can be easily accomplished through readily available apps. Why is this important? Private app development can cost hundreds & upwards to thousands of dollars to create. With these apps, many are free while several have premium versions available with additional benefits. Premium apps are generally less than $75 for a lifetime license which in-turn drives your development costs way down!

4. Mobile Ready – It doesn’t just work on desktops! WordPress integrated with your custom theme will allow your clients to access your website on phones, tablets, laptops, & even smart watches (not recommended but a cool party trick!). After all, we know most of your clients are probably on the go. Cellphone usage is still growing despite age groups. Your website needs to be fast & easily accessible on the fly!

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The elephant in the room. Many business owners are thoroughly afraid of SEO. They have heard horror stories about backlinks, google changing mathematic algorithms, H1-H4, & all this other fancy stuff that just drives you insane! With WordPress, you can leave the hard stuff to us while still doing your SEO due diligence without even knowing it!

Using headings on your blog posts to help highlight keywords & topics. You can also adjust your permalinks (the link to your blog) to contain

keywords that are relevant to your blog post! An example is you may visit a website such as “www.designedbyace.com/post/2313”. Links like this will not help you at all! Perhaps if your blog or site was about the number 2313 than sure!

Instead, your website should read www.designedbyace.com/benefits-of-using-wordpress. You have direct control over this in your visual editor. You can change the link to anything you wish! Be sure to choose wisely as this is part of the algorithm that google uses. The link should contain keywords about your topic!

Screenshot of the wordpress permalinks editor

6. Scalability – It used to be that back in the day, you would create a simple 5-page HTML site to start & hire professionals to create this large SQL database for new registrations & forms as your client base grew. Now, that’s not necessary anymore. You will never outgrow your website with WordPress. How do I know? Ever heard of Etsy, Verizon Fios, UPS, PlayStation, yelp, or Microsoft? Would you be shocked to know that all of their blogs are built with WordPress? It’s not just them either. Hundreds of mainstream companies are using WordPress! Simply google what websites are using WordPress & see for yourself!

In conclusion, this isn’t an all encompossing list of features for WordPress but does highlight many of the features you will need to know about in making your decision. Please remember, during your free assessment, we can also walk you through a live site & everything that is included with it!

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