Routine Backups – We Have Your Back(ups)

Routine backups are safety points to restore your site back to the way it was. Let’s say you made a major mistake & deleted some valuable content like perhaps your whole homepage? Well don’t worry! In other words, We have your back(up) & can easily restore your website to the closest restore points.

What are Routine Backups Exactly?

Installation of blade servers in a enterprise data center. Racks with servers and backup drives.

The easiest way to explain a backup is to say it’s a “snapshot of your website”.┬áThe snapshot itself includes the following:

  • Website coding
  • Website Databases
  • Add-ons/Plugins
  • Website theme
  • Images

All if this information is securely stored on our Designed by Ace servers in the event of an emergency.

How can Routine Backups Help You?

Scenario One: You are feeling up to the task & want to change some features on the home page. You changed everything but realized it’s not what you wanted. You tried to duplicate the old theme but realized you have now spent over 10 over trying to get things back to the way they were. Frustration sets in before you realized you were just having a bad dream & we can revert your site for you with the click of a button if it ever came to that.

Scenario Two: Business is booming! Your kitchen chef designed your first website & is unhappy that you have moved to a larger scale platform. One night the chef had a few too many drinks & thought he would “fix” a few things. While fixing some things, user data was deleted, admins got changed, & content disappeared. Tens of hours’ worth of work is gone! That would be a problem if we didn’t have backups available! Again, with the click of a button, your website is the back to the way it was just a few hours ago.

In Summary

In conclusion, backups are an additional level of defense for your website. Websites Designed by Ace does not charge you to restore your backups. If you have any issue, we are there to help.


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