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Cyber Security Word WebClient information & website Security are important components to owning a website. Much like your computer or cellphone, websites are vulnerable to attacks & viruses that require immediate assistance. Our security

services allow for 24/7 website monitoring & support. If an attack or virus is found on your website, our team will take immediate action to eliminate the threat, for instance.

Website Security Services

  • Routine security scan – Our web-based security scan will scan your website files for malware & known vulnerabilities. All codes are then fed through a known malware knowledge base as an additional level of security.
  • Website Blacklisting – If malicious emails or content can be found on your website, it may become blacklisted by google, Norton, or other integrity based companies. Therefore, we will review your websites listing daily to ensure you are not mistakenly blacklisted.
  • Website Weak-points – Websites Designed by Ace will maintain your websites updates to ensure all security risks are held at bay. Our reporting will advise you if there are any updates required but worry not, your client report will detail all of our updates on a monthly basis!
  • Vulnerability Repair – If for any reason your website does not come back clean, our dedicated team will be notified & will immediately isolte the problem area for you!

So who’s fault is it?

When it comes to security, everyone plays a role. In other words, Websites Designed by Ace are built with an approved list of applications that are not known for security flaws. Unfortunately this doesn’t mean mistakes are not made. As developers continue to update their applications, those pesky hackers continue to update their tools as well. With our routine scanning, we are able to identify those issues before major problems occur.

The best course of action is to stay on top of your updates & do not upload files that you are not familiar with. Most importantly, be sure to use STRONG passwords. After all, majority of “hackers” use basic techniques to gain access through low strength passwords.

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