Welcome to the Family: Southern Steer Butcher!

Who is Southern Steer Butcher?

Southern Steer Butcher is a family owned marketplace dedicated to guest service, healthy food options, and community wellness. Their core principles include making their guests priority one, having fun, and a commitment to quality. They focus on celebrations, daily dining options, and culinary education to drive their innovation.

Southern Steer Butcher is owned and operated by the Snyder Family-Greg, Kym, and their two children-of Palm Harbor, FL. They have resided in Pinellas County for over a decade and are dedicated to community involvement, local fundraising, and providing healthy options for you and your family.

The DBA team personally shops at their clearwater location on a regular basis & has taken part in 2 of their prep classes. It was an honor to take on this project when Greg reached out to us. Knowing what Southern Steer stands for in our community, we jumped at the chance to partner with them!


How did DBA help?

Greg reached out to the DBA team & decided it was time to modernize his website.

DBA offered a free consultation & provided onsite reviews of the current website while providing helpful suggestions for what was to come!

DBA completely revamped the Southern Steer website from the ground up to include all sorts of new goodies such as a new menu, daily specials, subs/panini's, an online booking system for prep classes, & so much more!

We also re-coded their website  so the staff can easily & effectively create, edit, & remove the necessary components of their website without the need for website experience! With a 1.5 hour training, the Southern Steer staff was ready to take on their shiny new website!


Upcoming classes on OLD website

Upcoming classes on NEW website


Welcome to the DBA Family!

Southern Steer does a LOT of community work. They are a prime example of the businesses we love to support. If you have a moment, take a look at some of their on-going efforts to support first responders, educators, & those in need of a meal.

We are proud to welcome Southern Steer into the DBA family!

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